5 Acro Yoga Accounts to Follow on Instagram

One of the most gratifying elements of a consistent yoga practice is the ongoing realization that your body is capable of truly incredible things. But that notion is taken to new heights in acro yoga, the partner-based practice that marries traditional poses with high-flying acrobatics. While it takes a significant amount of practice to master the strength and coordination required to be an acro yogi, there are plenty of seasoned pros who can provide ample inspiration—and naturally, many of them are on Instagram.

Whether you're looking to start your own acro yoga practice or simply enjoy seeing it in action, check out some must-follow accounts below.


This Miami-based couple often shares helpful diagrams and tutorials specifically for beginners looking to give acro yoga a go.



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As the official feed of Acro Yoga International, @acroyoga features snaps and videos of acro yogis around the world. (You can also head to its site to find classes and events in a city near you.)


Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein arguably put acro yoga on the map when they starred in a series of viral videos for Equinox several years ago. The pair has since earned a huge following online and IRL and hosts classes and workshops around the world


One of the best parts of Honza and Claudine's feed is their young daughter Sofie, who is already shaping up to be quite the yogi herself.


Toronto-based couple Miranda and Ryan take their practice around the world, and their posts are often as romantic as they are inspiring. (The pair is very open about the ways in which acro yoga has strengthened their relationship—which, given the amount of trust required to land safely in your partner's arms, makes total sense.)

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