Whoa: My First Acupuncture Experience Got My Blood (and Emotions) Flowing



In 2014, I had acupuncture because designer and writer Molly Guy raved about it on Instagram. She had an acupuncturist she loved, and I waltzed into the appointment hoping to leave spiritually enlightened—and maybe half as cool as Molly. Of course, neither of those things happened, so I put the practice back on the shelf in my mind where I leave other “fads” and things that didn’t work for me personally.

So when Mona Dan of Vie Healing recently approached me and offered an acupuncture treatment, I was skeptical—but just a tiny bit curious. Maybe it would be different this time around. I decided I had to make the story original—everyone’s heard of acupuncture by now—so I honed in on her practice of auricular acupuncture (aka acupuncture on your ear) and hoped to learn something new, even if I felt nothing personally.

As it turns out, during the course of my session I felt a lot more than I bargained for. I left with tear-stained cheeks and a new story to tell.

Read on to find out how acupuncture helped me get my blood moving, awaken my nervous system, and work through emotional blockages.