I've Tried Tons of De-Bloating Methods—This Eastern Habit Worked

Welcome to Clothing Optional, a series in which we test out all the newest products and treatments meant to help us look better naked.

Most of us can probably agree that the prospect of being less-than-fully-clothed in front of other people can set off an endless fireworks show of insecurities about every tiny flaw that exists on our bodies. A 2011 Glamour magazine survey found that the average woman has over a dozen daily negative thoughts about her body and that a whopping 97% of women have experienced at least one moment in their lives where they actively "hated" their shape. Though I've had my fair share of self-image issues in the past, at 26, I'm grateful to have reached a point where I accept my not-exactly-flat stomach and soft upper arms, knowing that anyone who's seeing me naked hopefully knows me well enough to appreciate that having a flawless, modelesque body isn't what I have to offer, but that I'm still a babe because of any number of other positive attributes, including my cute boobs and even cuter personality. This relaxed perspective of my body has made wearing bikinis (and less than that) a whole lot less stressful.

There is one thing that still makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to be nude, however: bloating. Ever since entering my mid-20s, which also coincided with starting a plant-based diet (aka, lots of fiber), I've dealt with digestive issues, which can sometimes be painful and often lead to looking like I'm carrying a precious five-month-old garbanzo bean baby in my belly. It's frequent that after I eat, I feel like I have a brick sitting inside my intestines for a few hours, and while I've tried de-bloating tactics like probiotics, ginger tea, and topical diuretics, I'd yet to narrow down a remedy that visibly worked as well as I wanted it to.