Acupuncture for Insomnia—I Tried It, and I Have Thoughts

You know that meme that tells you of the three main aspects of life—social outings, school/work, or sleep—you can only pick two? Without hesitation, I always pick having a social life and work over getting enough sleep. I've always been able to meet deadlines and keep up personal relationships while getting minimal or no rest. But as of late, my body isn't able to take such a lifestyle as well as it used to. That's when I started looking into ways to help.

I've now been carving out time for much-needed rest, but I can never fall asleep easily. When I do finally get to sleep, I'll wake up from a dream or even the slightest noise, and then I spend an hour or two trying to get what sleep I have left before I start my day. When I heard that people use acupuncture for insomnia, I wanted to see if it could really help. I booked an appointment with Iris Netzer-Greenfield, founder of Acupuncture Remedies.