Here's the Gear You Need for Your Next Workout, and It's All Under $25

30 Affordable Yoga Essentials to Add to Your Practice



Let's be real here. Workout gear can get pretty pricey. And when you're trying to stock up on everything you need for your fitness routine—leggings, weights, mats, resistance bands, etc.—it can all add up. While we won't say no to those workout gear splurges (since most of them are expensive for a reason and you're getting quality, long-lasting products), we'll always be down for a deal. Plus, it doesn't mean that these more-affordable finds are crappy quality. Some are just as good as their pricey counterparts.

And because there's nothing better than the thrill of saving some money, we took it upon ourselves to do some research and find affordable workout essentials for your yoga practice. We're talking mats, blocks, towels, leggings, and more under $25. Yes, $25. Take a look at our discoveries below.


When shopping for yoga essentials, you're going to need to start with a mat, of course. This one is highly rated on Amazon: It has over 14,000 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars. And it won't cost you more than $20. It also comes with a handy strap for easy transport. I have this mat at home, and I find it's cushioned enough and has a good, nonslip grip.

If you need a little bit more cushion, AmazonBasics' extra-thick mat will provide additional comfort. It may be a half-inch thick, but that doesn't mean it's not lightweight. You can also use it for other mat exercises such as Pilates.

Gaiam is one of our favorite brands for quality yoga gear. This quarter-inch-thick mat has a nonslip surface and comes with a travel strap.

This double-sided, nonslip mat is made of TPE, which is recyclable. Its surface doesn't absorb water, so it won't smell. You can just wipe off the sweat and dirt after each use.

Gaiam's classic yoga mat might be lightweight, but it still provides cushion and comfort. It's recommended that you unroll and air out your nonslip mat for two to three days before use.

You can use the alignment lines on this mat to make sure your form and positioning is correct, which is helpful if you're practicing at home and don't have an instructor to help you. The mat is reversible and has a nonslip surface.

For your practice on the go, pack this travel mat that folds up. It's two millimeters thick and easily fits into a carry-on bag.


Using a block during yoga can help with alignment, support, and posing. This set of two has a nonslip surface and is made of moisture-proof materials.

Natural cork has antibacterial and eco-friendly qualities. The blocks weigh two pounds each and have a beveled edge for a soft grip.

These blocks are made of durable, high-density foam, so you don't have to worry about falling or slipping.

You'll have just about everything you need with this block and strap set. Just add a mat, and you're set.

Manduka's block is made of sustainable cork and is extra supportive. It weighs just over two pounds.


A yoga strap allows you to get deeper into poses and just helps with stretching overall. This one has multiple loops for ease of use.

I have this strap at home and use it not only for yoga but also for regular stretching before and after workouts or when my muscles are feeling sore or tight. 

This strap comes in three different sizes: six feet, eight feet, and 10 feet. It is made of polyester cotton and is lightweight.

This yoga strap is durable and thick, so you don't have to worry about it slipping or breaking while you're using it.

This yoga strap is machine washable. All you need to do is dry it flat. It's available in two lengths: six feet and eight feet.

Yoga Towels

A towel can come in handy if you want extra grip or want to soak up sweat. It's especially helpful in hot yoga classes, which can leave you extra sweaty. This microfiber towel is absorbent and can be thrown in the washing machine.

You can bring this compact yoga towel with you anywhere from yoga class to the gym to the plane.

This ultra-absorbent one fits perfectly over any regular-size yoga mat. You can even use it as a mat if needed.

You won't have to worry about this towel bunching up or moving during class. It stays in place as you go through your poses.

This set comes with a yoga towel to keep your mat dry and a hand towel for wiping off sweat. The yoga towel has corner pockets, so you can easily secure it to your mat.


Especially made for yogis, these leggings come highly rated on Amazon with over 20,000 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars. They have a high-rise waistband and hidden pocket.

Everyone needs a classic, basic sports bra in their activewear wardrobe, and this one checks off all the boxes. It has a mesh panel in the back for more breathability.

If you prefer capri-length leggings for your workouts, these are a good option. They aren't see-through, have four-way stretch, and feature a hidden pocket in the waistband.

Designed for studio classes like yoga, this sports bra provides light support and is made of extra-soft fabric.

Another well-reviewed pair of leggings on Amazon, these have four-way stretch and two side pockets that can fit a phone.

Water Bottles

And finally, you're going to need a water bottle to keep you hydrated during class. A reusable one is eco-friendly and economical. This one has a straw lid, so you can sip easily during your practice.

This double-walled, vacuum-insulated bottle will keep your drinks cold or warm for a long time. The handle on the lid makes it easy to tote around.

There's an autoseal button on the lid of this bottle that prevents spills and leaks. It's also got a spout cover that keeps out dirt and germs.

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