10 Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes Your Gums Will Thank You For

I've always thought mouthwash was fairly superfluous in my teeth-cleaning routine. I never used it. I didn't suffer from particularly bad breath, and I never understood why so many people felt it was necessary to gurgle and spit blue liquid each morning and night. That is until I started doing some research. Turns out mouthwash can have positive therapeutic and cosmetic effects on your entire mouth, clearing out bad bacteria and offering up healthier gums and teeth in the process. Some even whiten your teeth along with your toothpaste. So I realized I was more down for mouthwash than I'd previously suspected, and I wanted to find the right one for me. 

In doing my internet sleuthing, I learned another big thing in regard to mouthwash: They're not all created equal. Turns out alcohol-free mouthwash is far superior to its booze-laden counterpart. Below, find all the reasons to switch to an alcohol-free option, the differences in how they react with your mouth's bacteria, and 10 of my favorite options.