The 7 Wellness Podcasts We Can't Stop Listening To


Free People

When all that stands between you, dinner, and a much-deserved glass of wine is an inevitably stressful (and delay-filled) commute home from the office, sometimes even your very best Spotify playlist just won't cut it. That's why we love podcasts: The best ones absorb us so much that any less-than-desirable circumstances—even road rage–filled traffic jams—seem to melt away. It's like a form of meditation.

Speaking of which, lately we've seen quite the crop of wellness-geared options hitting the airwaves. Whether you're hoping to indulge your inner health nerd, want to learn more about some of the industry's biggest players, or could use some lighthearted chatter about horoscopes, mindfulness, and everything in between, there's definitely a podcast for you—and we're counting down some of our favorites below.