The Best Arm Workouts to Do Without Weights, According to Fitness Experts

Despite how it may appear on social media or via the majority of gyms' (typically aggressive) advertising, an effective workout doesn't have to involve an overwhelming number of bells and whistles. In fact, some of the most effective workout routines only require one thing: you (and perhaps some motivation). And as it happens, this is especially true when it comes to toning your arms. Truth time: Some of the best arm workouts can be done without weights. Don't believe us? Well, we have the proof from four leading fitness experts to change your tune.

We reached out to top fitness experts (aka the same people who have spearheaded their own fan-loved workouts and trained Hollywood's A-list) for their thoughts and handpicked arm workouts without weights that are not only the most effective for sculpting the biceps and triceps of your dreams but are also easy to maneuver from home, while traveling, or anywhere in between. Keep reading for four expert-approved arm workouts you can do without weights.