8 Gifts for the Aspiring Astrologist

Whether you can rattle off your birth chart or only know that "something" is in retrograde, there's no denying that astrology-themed gifts are a crowd-pleasing option that feels a little more personal than your average stocking stuffer. We took it a step further by compiling a list of wares that are less than typical: Amid classic zodiac jewelry and candles, you'll also find moon workbooks, unique incense, and more.

Shop it all below. We've seen your horoscope, and it says your recipient will be stoked.

If you're a fan of setting intentions around the new moon, this moon phase calendar will ensure that you stay right on schedule. (It's pretty enough to display as art to boot.)

A signet ring personalized to every zodiac sign makes for an especially thoughtful gift.

For those looking to wade a little deeper in their horoscope.

A zodiac candle is a crowd-pleasing option, so keep it in mind for your office gift exchange.

Learning to read tarot is a great way to graduate from a basic appreciation of astrology to full-blown witchdom. This set is beloved for its pretty illustrations and user-friendly guidebook.

Because palo santo is a little passé at this point.

Setting goals around the moon cycle is an increasingly popular meditation tool, as it offers a consistent timeline for self-reflection and manifesting new intentions every month. If you're not sure where to begin, this workbook is a great companion. 

Who said city dwellers can't get a clear view of the stars?

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