Hallie Gould

Senior Editor | New York, NY


Who's your beauty icon?

A little bit of Marianne Faithful circa 1968 mixed with Jeanne Damas circa right now.

Who are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@pandorasykes @popcultureinpictures @mansurgavriel @70sbabes @fashion_in_film

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

My brows are my "thing," and because I spend 90% of my life without makeup on, a proper brow product is paramount. Make Up For Ever’s Pro Sculpting Brow Pencil doesn't come out until March (apologies) but it's going to blow your mind. I wear it with a bare face and sunny disposition.

What's your desert island album?

This is an agonizing decision. Truly, I've been thinking about it since the day I was offered this job. If I had to choose, I'd go with T. Rex "The Slider" but I'd sneak a few tracks from "Electric Warrior" along with Stevie Wonder and The Velvet Underground. And Bowie. And The Beach Boys.

What's your favorite Byrdie.com story?

"Social Media Changed My Diet Forever" because social media is my (not so) guilty pleasure and I love opulent brunches. And "What It's Really Like Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank" because it's strange and perfect.

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