Kelly LeVeque

Contributor | Orange County, CA


The book that changed my life: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robins

The most amazing meal I've ever had: Abroad it would be the olive oil poached white fish with fresh garden squash and olives that I had at La Residencia Mallorca. In the U.S., I would go with any meal at ABC Kitchen in NYC. Their menu has so much flavor without being heavy!

The morning and nighttime routines I swear by: I'm bad with routine, I just cleanse and moisturize. However I do know the products that work best for my skin and if I need a refresh. These are my favorites: Goat Milk by Kate Sommerville, Juice Beauty Organic Face Wash, Vitamin C by SkinCeutical, Calendula Oil by Eminence, DermalQuench Liquid Lift by Kate Sommerville, CytoCell by Kate Sommerville, and Ruby Scrub by Dr. Goldfadden.

The best décor hack I've learned: Buy at a flea market and reupholster with organic materials.

My interior stylist spirit animal is: Gwyneth Paltrow for her clean, fresh look with style or Jennifer Aniston's modern and warm aesthetic.

The Instagram handles I follow religiously are: @feedfeed, @food52, @wellandgood, @puppyoftheday, and @garypeppergirl.

This season, my go-to cocktail order is: Vodka Water Lemon in single shot tall glass.

The first lesson I learned as an Adult with a capital A: Don’t take a job for the money. You will always make more of a life in a passion and purpose-driven career.

The most surprising thing I learned from a MyDomaine story is: I love that you can shop the stories! Everything in home decor always seems so unattainable, I currently can't afford a 30k turkish rug, but having roundups of products that are similar in a range of products help me purchase the hippest style in my price range.

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