Victoria Hoff

Wellness Editor; Managing Editor of THE/THIRTY | Mountain Lakes, NJ


Who's your beauty icon?

For me, it's more about exuding an unapologetic attitude: Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, '90s-era Drew Barrymore, Solange…

Who are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@saintrecords because Solange is a perennial muse,  @_80s_90s_00s and @the70z for the best throwback inspo, @chillwildlife for endlessly on-point animal content, and @emotionalclub because it's darkly funny and speaks to my self-deprecating soul.

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

Eve Lom Cleanser. And brow gel.

What's your desert island album?

Oh, man—Janis Joplin's Pearl? Fleetwood Mac's Rumours? Anything by David Bowie or Talking Heads? And about a million other ones. This is my most existential question.

What's your favorite story?

A (Very) Honest Discussion About Dieting