5 New Year's Detox Tips to Borrow From Ayurveda



It might seem as though our annual obsession with a fresh start is a relatively modern cultural phenomenon. That might ring true for a certain class of trendy detoxification methods—here's looking at you, celery juice—but the collective urge to rebalance and reboot during the winter months runs centuries deep.

Consider Ayurveda, the ancient Indian school of medicine, which encourages a form of cleansing during this time of year that centers around hibernation. No, but really: "Picture a bear just beginning to stir from a long winter nap, and then think of ways that you can take restorative measures in that same gentle, languid fashion," says Ayurvedic expert Susan Shane. "Whether by bundling up and walking in nature, or by eating warm foods."

Animal comparisons aside, the notion of deep relaxation as a wellness strategy feels especially compelling in a bleak landscape of Dry Januaries and renewed gym memberships. Find five Ayurveda-approved detox rituals below.