I've Tried Every Barre Class in NYC, and Here Are the Best Ones

A not-so-secret secret about me is that I'm obsessed with barre. I've tried a lot of these so-called trendy classes, but none seem to give me the lasting body results like barre does. My arms are stronger, there's definition in my waist, and my thighs are toned after regularly going. (I even almost had abs at one point when I was good and went four to five times a week). Skeptics out there may say it doesn't look as intense as those other high-impact, adrenaline pumping workout classes.

But trust me when I say you will walk away from any good barre class really sore and sweaty—in the best way possible. "Barre classes … are an isometric workout, meaning we use the principles of repetition, alignment, and muscle fatigue to burn calories," says Stephanie Farrell, director of operations of Pop Physique. "It's incredibly effective and gentle on the body, so you can do it often."

Even when you stick to just one studio, most instructors change up the order of sequences so that you don't plateau. With classes as big as 20 people per class, you also get the individualized attention you need to fix your form for a more effective workout. It's completely doable for any level experience (speaking as someone who is not athletic whatsoever) and perfect for those looking to build stamina and strengthen the core.

You'll see changes in your body after a few visits, guaranteed. If this piques your interest but you have no idea where to start, I've broken down my favorite barre classes in the city. You can't go wrong with any of them. Scroll down to see the best barre classes in NYC.