This Is One of the Best Workouts to Do While You're Pregnant



Most experts agree that exercising while pregnant—barring any complications or other extenuating circumstances, of course—is not only safe but immensely beneficial. In addition to preparing your body for childbirth, working out can also help you avoid unhealthy weight gain and other issues that might put baby at risk. But not all workouts are created equal, especially when you're expecting.

If you're looking to dial down the intensity of your fitness routine but still want to be sure that you're working your muscles and relieving any pregnancy-related soreness in the process, barre-geared classes might be one of your best bets—and no one knows this better than Jennifer Williams, founder of L.A.-based barre destination Pop Physique and mother of four. (Williams continued her barre workouts throughout all of her pregnancies.)

"Barre classes are generally safe and easily modified for women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum," says Williams. "The class also helps relieve back soreness and general aches and pains common during pregnancy because of our emphasis on active stretching, posture, and core strengthening."

Thinking about giving it a try? If you're already expecting, just be sure to keep the following in mind.