7 Beauty Products for Sleep so You Can Skip the Ambien



You’ve tried everything—breathing exercises, white noise machines, a glass of wine (or two)—and yet, the gift of blissful, uninterrupted sleep eludes you. Welcome to the plight of over 30% of the general population. If you’ve come to associate every night with tossing, turning, and stressing, don’t give up just yet—the beauty industry wants to help you. Ahead, we’ve gathered six ingenious products that will calm your mind and help you relax. From sprays to satchets, keep scrolling for six beauty products that will help you sleep.

How this for a stat? One hundred percent of restless sleepers in an independent study slept soundly until morning after using this snooze-inducing spray. Lavender, patchouli, and vetivert come together for an intoxicating blend that'll have you positioned firmly in dreamland before you know it.

If you moisturize before bed anyway, you might as well use a calming, sleepy-time blend to help you veg out for maximum z's. This purple blend of lavender and tonka perfume is also intensely hydrating by way of almond oil and cocoa butter.

Since ancient times, men and women have taken milk baths to beautify the skin. Turn your own bathroom into an Egyptian bathhouse by spooning a few scoops of this sweet-smelling soak into warm water. It's sure to soothe you to sleep.

This mist is equally as enchanting on your skin as it is on your bed sheets. Spritz all over your body to refresh your skin and/or give your bedding and pillows a hint of sweet rose, which in Ayurveda soothes the heart and emotions.

Sooth sore muscles with this balm that warms on contact. It's also got menthol to give off an alternating cooling sensation—sort of like IcyHot. You'll wake up feeling much less tight and tense.

Silk pillowcases are amazing for your skin and hair—they help prevent the dreaded creased pillow face and hair breakage that a typical cotton case causes, and they're also less likely to harbor pimple-causing bacteria. Slip (see what we did there?) one of these onto your favorite supportive pillow and wake up to a world of difference.

Designed to "promote the feeling of tranquility," this relaxing fragrance can be applied to pulse points (wrists, temples, and neck) to help usher you to sleep. The brand says you can even speed up sleep by applying it on your palms and inhaling deeply for five breaths.

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