This Beginner Core Workout Will Give You a More Sculpted Stomach

Though it can be tempting to throw yourself into a fast and furious workout routine—especially this time of year when New Year's fitness goals run at an all-time high—please don't. At least not one your body isn't ready for, that is.

Though the human body is extremely adaptable and strong, shocking your system with an aggressive fitness regimen typically isn't the best thing for it, especially if you've been off the exercise wagon for awhile or are a brand-new rider. Remember the idiom "slow and steady wins the race"? Well, it happens to be a spectacular approach when adopting a new exercise routine, including a beginner core workout.

So if you're looking to safely sculpt your way to a strong and stable core this year, look no further. We consulted with LEKFit creator, fitness expert, and celebrity trainer Lauren Kleban to learn her top five moves when configuring a beginner core workout. Keep reading for her must-try workout and some helpful tips, tricks, and videos along the way.