The 13 Best Activewear Pieces, According to Professional Ballerinas


Elyse Freelinger

Their movements may look effortlessly graceful from the mezzanine, but ballet dancers are some of the most hard-core athletes in the world—training and performing for up to six hours a day. In fact, most traditional athletes "train in phases and work towards peaks," Sara Matthews, the director of the Central School of Ballet, once said in an interview. "As a dancer, you are pretty much performing throughout the year."

If anyone is going to be picky about the performance of their workout gear, it's ballerinas. So we decided to do some research to find out professional ballet dancers' current favorite activewear pieces. Want to see the leggings, sports bras, sneakers, and more that ballerinas like Misty Copeland and Isabella Boylston swear by? Just keep scrolling.

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