This Type of Gear Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level

The 11 Best Ankle Weights of 2022, Hands Down


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Who doesn't love sticking to a routine? It's comforting, easy, and if it works, it works, right? But sometimes it can be nice (and helpful!) to switch things up every now and then. That includes all routines, but it's even more effective with your workout go-to's.

Listen, I get it. It's so easy to stick a workout routine you know and love. You know exactly how hard it's going to be; you might know the moves if you're doing something that involves some sort of choreography or certain types of movements; and you know you'll actually do it because you like it so much. But in some situations, you can plateau, or that workout might not seem as challenging anymore.

Yes, you can try a new workout, but you can also add some extra gear to your existing go-to for a bigger challenge. Enter the ankle weights. These can weigh as little as one pound, but they can really turn up the heat on your routine. And the best part is they can be added to a lot of workouts easily (with some exceptions). So the next time you want another challenge or to spice things up with your everyday exercise session, add a pair. Take a look at some options below to shop.

Bala took the classic ankle weight and made it look chic as heck. You can wear these on your wrists too, so when you wear them on there they actually kind of look like just another outfit accessory. The colors are so on-trend and the design is so sleek.

These weights come in various sizes—from 2 pounds per pair to 20 pounds per pair. The exterior is neoprene, moisture-absorbing, and breathable.

You can tone your glutes and thighs even further by adding these ankle weights. 

These are great because each ankle weight has five removable sand pockets so you can adjust them from 1 to 5 pounds.

Each weight weighs 2.5 pounds here and even though that doesn't seem like a lot, trust me, when you work out with them it's serious business. 

These feature an adjustable hook-loop fastening so you can secure them on your ankles and you won't have to worry about them falling off during your workout.

The Sculpt Society's weights are adjustable, so you can take some of the blocks off if you wanted to. They can be used on both the wrists and ankles and feature a secure magnetized belt buckle.

These are made of smooth and comfortable neoprene so you won't have to worry about chafing or scratching. They feature a D-ring and Velcro band to stay in place. Use them on your wrists, too.

Adidas's wrist and ankle weights are available in 1-pound, 2-pound, and 3-pound options. They have even weight distribution so you can comfortably wear them for a comfortable workout.

Okay, these are seriously stylish. They're made of sleek vegan leather, and the 1.5-pound one has gold hardware, while the 3-pound option has matte black hardware.

Here's another adjustable option—the weights have five removable iron beads pockets each. You can adjust one weight to be either 0.5 pounds to 2 pounds.

More Workout Gear to Shop

A mat is a versatile piece for any workout, not just yoga.

You gotta stay hydrated, right? The straw lid on this water bottle makes it easy to sip during your workouts.

This set is perfect for your at-home workouts because it has 3 different sizes so you can switch things up depending on the exercise.

I have this foam roller at home and I love the grid design because it feels even more like a deep tissue massage when I use it.

This is perfect for hot yoga classes, but even if you're not practicing your flow and doing another workout, you can still use it to dry off.

Stretching is so important for recovery. A strap can help you get into an even deeper stretch.

Sliders are another piece of gear that look pretty basic but they really make your workout extra challenging. When you use them you can work your whole body.

I love using my Theragun for post-workout muscle recovery, but I even use it when I'm feeling stiff or achy from sitting too long or if I've slept in a weird position and find my neck sore.