The 12 Best Athleisure Clothing Brands You Can Wear While Working From Home

The 12 Best Athleisure Brands of 2021, Hands Down


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Athleisure has become a staple in almost everyone's wardrobes in the last 10 years. And honestly, what's not to love about it? It's comfortable, versatile, and you can wear it when you're at the gym (of course) but also when you're out running errands, hanging out with friends, and even at the office (if you've got a relaxed workspace or working from home).

If I had to take stock of all athleisure and normal workout gear I own, I'd have to say it probably makes up 30% of my wardrobe—and I might be underestimating here. I have 20+ pairs of leggings. You might be in the same boat, too. And if you're looking for new brands to discover, I polled our editors and added a few of my own to this list of favorites below…

1. Zella

Zella is Nordstrom's in-house activewear brand and is super popular with both THE/THIRTY readers and editors. Everything is reasonably priced and well-made, with leggings in the $50 to $70 range and sports bras between $30 and $50.

2. Athleta

The best athleisure brands: Athleta



Since Athleta is part of the Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic family, you know you're going to get reliable, well-made activewear basics from this brand. It's also a certified B Corporation, meaning it balances purpose and profit. Some of its initiatives include 60% of its materials are made with sustainable fibers and 70% of waste from packaging materials have been diverted from landfills.

3. Outdoor Voices

The best athleisure brands: Outdoor Voices



Outdoor Voices really changed the game when it debuted back in 2013 because it really emphasized having fun while staying active. The brand's lineup includes pieces that are functional, stylish, and well, happy, all at once.

4. Lululemon

The best athleisure brands: Lululemon



One of the OG activewear brands, Lululemon has a cult following, and for good reason. The brand's leggings really get the job done. In recent years, Lulu has also rolled out supportive sports bras, cool jackets, and technical coats made for people with active lifestyles.

5. FP Movement

The best athleisure brands: FP Movement



If you're a fan of Free People's boho, free-spirited vibe, chances are you're going to also love the brand's activewear line called FP Movement. It combines that well-known style with functional, technical activewear.

6. Core 10

If you didn't know this already, let me drop some knowledge on you: Amazon has an in-house activewear brand that is really cute and affordable. You'll find leggings, sports bras, tanks, and more all at really great price points—most things are under $40 and nothing is over $50. There are your basic essentials that always need a place in your wardrobe, but there are also pieces with stylish details, like scalloped trim or mesh layering.

7. Alo Yoga

The best athleisure brands: Alo



While Alo specializes in yoga wear, you don't have to be a yogi to enjoy the brand's leggings, tops, and sweatshirts. You can wear Alo to a yoga class, HIIT class, at brunch, and when you're lounging at home. The brand also has its own yoga, fitness, and meditation app called Alo Moves.

8. Girlfriend Collective

The best athleisure brands: Girlfriend Collective



You'll feel good, look good, and even do good in Girlfriend Collective. That's because the brand makes its activewear from recycled materials and follows ethical manufacturing procedures (aka paying its factory workers living wages, giving them fair working hours, and ensuring safe working conditions).

9. Champion

The best athleisure brands: Champion



You've probably heard of Champion, or recognize its iconic logo. It's has been a trustworthy and affordable activewear brand for more than 100 years, so, of course, it had to make our list. You'll find all the essentials—from sweatshirts to sweatpants to sneakers.

10. Beyond Yoga

The best athleisure brands: Beyond Yoga



Beyond Yoga's another brand that is made for, well, yoga, but also is versatile enough for other activities. The brand is female-founded and run, and also has a wide range of sizes from XXS to 3X.

11. Sweaty Betty

The best athleisure brands: Sweaty Betty



The Brits know how to do activewear right. Founded in the UK in 1998, Sweaty Betty is known for its stylish pieces (lots of fun patterns!). The brand even does swimwear, too. If you're not afraid of adding a bit of color to your wardrobe. you're going to want to look this brand up.

12. Varley

The best athleisure brands: Varley



Varley is another cool, fashion-girl activewear brand that we love. All of the pieces are high-performance and made for women on the go, so your outfit can take you from the gym to work to home (and then some).

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