6 Budgeting Apps That Made Me Feel Less Anxious About Money

While financial stress isn't exactly a novel concept, our generation definitely feels the pinch more than ever: Research shows that one in three millennials experience anxiety about money. That's why this week, we're tackling financial wellness from every angle. Get expert advice on everything from the psychology of saving to investing when you have no clue where to begin. Financial empowerment is the ultimate goal—but you might just raise your bottom line, too.


Haobin Ye

I used to think that I'd finally feel like an adult when I hired someone to manage my budget. But recently, I've come to realize that taking ownership of my own financial strategy is even more empowering—and it's easier than ever, thanks to a whole marketplace of apps designed to help you make the most of your bank account.

The first step, of course, is assessing your own needs. Are you looking to invest some spare cash? Save for a down payment on a house? Get your budget in order? No matter the ask, financial freedom might just be a download away. Keep reading for our picks of the best budgeting apps to try this year.