Hands Down, These Are the Best CBD Oils for Better Sleep and Relaxation

16 Best CBD Oils to Try for Relaxation


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CBD has definitely come a long way in recent years. It's now a normal ingredient in so many things. Of course, you can find it in tinctures, capsules, and gummies. But now, it's in beverages and beauty products and is even infused in things like pillowcases. To sum it all up: CBD is everywhere!

If you're not too familiar with CBD, it's short for cannabidiol. According to Harvard Health, CBD is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients in cannabis, but it's derived directly from the hemp plant and does not cause a "high."

16 Best CBD Oils to Try for Relaxation


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A growing number of people are now using CBD products to address anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. I've used CBD sleep aids and balms to soothe sore muscles. I find it's a nice alternative route when I want to relax or wind down. But recently, my favorite CBD products have been the various oils out there because they're so easy to use, and you can reap the benefits pretty quickly. I've included some of my favorites, plus other highly rated ones below.

It's important to note that more research needs to be done on the efficacy of CBD products, and the FDA warns that some CBD products are marketed with unproven claims and are of unknown quality. If you want to try a CBD product, the best thing you can do is make sure you are researching the product and brand thoroughly. You might also want to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about adding CBD products to your routine.

For Sleep

Highline Wellness's CBD oil is in my nightly rotation for those evenings when I really need some extra help winding down and getting ready for bed. It's infused with coconut oil, and each dose has 16 milligrams of CBD and five milligrams of melatonin.

Brown Girl Jane's Rest formula is made for daily use and contains both CBD and CBN (which is especially helpful for sleep). It's also infused with coconut oil and organic peppermint oil. You can apply it under your tongue or add it to your drink or food.

This CBD tincture will help you rest and relax, and it promotes mind-body balance. The potent formula contains 600 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD.

There is a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes in this tincture, including CBN (which can help with sleep) and CBD. If you want to use it as a sleep aid, apply a dose under your tongue 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

In addition to CBD, CBN, and terpenes, this formula contains adaptogens such as ashwagandha root and valerian root. It will leave you feeling so calm as you drift off to sleep, but it won't have you feeling groggy when you wake up.

If you don't want to take an oral CBD tincture, you can use this body oil to help you get that calmness before bed. After you take a shower or bath, apply it to damp skin, and it will absorb quickly.

For Anxiety and Relaxation

Lord Jones makes some of my absolute favorite CBD products. This tincture does a good job of helping me feel relaxed and calm, and I love the refreshing lemon flavor. Each dropper dose delivers 10 milligrams of CBD. 

I already love Dosist's THC products, so when the brand launched THC-free offerings, I knew I had to try them. The tinctures are my favorite, and there are three for different needs: Sleep, Calm, and Relief. The Calm one has quickly become a part of my wind-down routine.

Feals's formula is designed to help a variety of issues. Stressed out? It will help you manage stress and anxiety. Can't sleep? It promotes relaxation. Feeling achy? It's also formulated to target inflammation.

For a topical relaxing treatment, don't sleep on Ellis Brooklyn's Massage and Body Oil. It contains 100 milligrams of organic, full-spectrum CBD, maritime pine bark extract, and sweet almond oil. Smooth it all over your body for a calming and soothing way to unwind.

You get to choose from four flavors with this CBD oil: Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, Mint Chocolate, and Olive Oil (natural flavor). The blend promotes calm, focus, de-stressing, recovery, and sleep.

These drops are designed to work quickly to help you manage your stress and increase focus. It's recommended to take them after a meal for even more energy.

Nico Marley (yes, Bob Marley's grandson) founded Lion X to bring a balanced and holistic approach to wellness and promote positive change. The brand's CBD oil contains 500 milligrams of CBD ( eight milligrams per serving), MCT oil, natural peppermint flavor, and stevia.

This tincture from Beam promotes balance and relieves stress without making you feel groggy or sleepy. It comes in Mint and Natural flavors.

For Sexual Wellness

Made for intimate moments, this massage oil contains broad-spectrum CBD, 100% organic coconut oil, and nine traditional aphrodisiacs to help you get in the mood.

Other CBD Products to Try

Beboe is another cannabis brand I trust. Its Body Balm does double duty: It treats inflammation and dry skin and soothes tense and achy muscles. In addition to CBD, ingredients include squalene, sea buckthorn oil, sunflower-seed oil, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

Add this CBD powder to water, coffee, or tea to balance your body and mind. The little packets make it easy for you to take when you're on the go.

Herbivore Botanicals' Glow Oil targets red, stressed-out skin. It's formualted with 100 milligrams of CBD, hempseed oil, and ashwagandha. Add this to your nighttime skincare routine for an easy wind-down.

Whenever I have a headache or my brain feels foggy, I like to use Sagely Naturals' roll-on for some sweet relief. CBD is blended with soothing and refreshing menthol, plus peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils. 

Lord Jones's gumdrops are such a nice treat at the end of a long day. They're made with natural fruit flavors and are infused with 20 milligrams of CBD. They taste so good that it's hard to eat just one, but you'll want to stick to just one in order to get the correct dose!

Make bath time even more relaxing with these CBD-infused bath salts. Any tense muscles or aches will feel soothed, and your mind will feel a bit calmer.

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