The Only 10 CBD Products That Are Worth Your Money, According to Our Editors

CBD facial oil. CBD body lotion. CBD mascara. CBD sparkling water. CBD-infused leggings. (I'll let that one sink in.) Needless to say, there's a dizzying number of cannabidiol products on the market these days, which makes it near impossible to decipher the legit products from the ones that are nothing more than glorified marketing ploys. But if you ask us, the healing properties of CBD can't be denied. Even the experts agree. We chatted Diana Tsui, the editorial director at MedMen, who shared that even though the dispensary's customers look to CBD for a range of reasons, it's become a popular choice for everything from helping with sleep to post-workout recovery to quieting an anxious mind. 

As with any new supplement, though, Tsui recommends checking in with your doctor first. Everybody has a unique set of needs, and part of shopping for CBD is figuring out what your aim is in taking it. Are you trying to quiet some of the mental chatter? Ease sore muscles? Achieve an overall zen and wellness?

Whatever your goal, Tsui says to start low and slow. "Give it time to kick in before you add more. A 30-milligram capsule or tincture is a great starting point if you’re looking to calm your mind or help with sleep," she advises. "If you’re aching from a hard workout or bad cramps, try a balm, like the one from Papa & Barkley. A nickel-size amount can hold off the aches for two to three hours." For anxiety, Tsui suggests trying out the Wyld Pomegranate gummies: "They’re equal parts CBD and THC, meaning they’re a bit stronger if you want something that’ll really relax you."

Now let's talk products. We're a beauty- and wellness-minded bunch over here, and between new vitamins, supplements, and beauty products, we've just about tested it all—which means that a significant number of CBD products have crossed our desks at one point or another.

Of course, not every supplement we've tried has won us over (and some of our editors have tried a lot of different supplements), but with an oversaturated market for CBD and, more often than not, consumers who don't know enough about what it is and how to use it, there's a huge knowledge gap in this area of the wellness world. So we thought we might as well peel back the curtain and share the 10 best CBD products our editors and staffers have tried and loved and are recommending to all their friends. Whether you want more glowing, balanced skin or a way to ease life's daily stressors, we got you.

Ahead, the best CBD products from our team and exactly why we love each of them. Keep scrolling!

"One Sunday morning, I woke up with the worst wine hangover headache. I was staying at my mom's house, and she was out of any form of aspirin or ibuprofen, so I was feeling pretty miserable. Then I remembered I had brought this rollerball with me that I recently got but hadn't tried. I promptly applied it to my temples and forehead, and after a few minutes, I started to feel a bit more relaxed and soothed. I still had to take some pills (it was a MASSIVE hangover), but now when I get minor headaches, I use it religiously. The brand also has roll-ons for calming and sleeping, too." — Sarah Yang, managing editor, THE/THIRTY

best CBD products according to editors



"I should preface this by saying that I'm really not a big believer in CBD bodycare products. There is just too little research and too few ingredient quality regulations for me to buy in just yet. One product I'm really into, though, is this incredible body balm by Beboe. Like the millions of other folks who have resolved to get their fitness on in the New Year, I'm working out regularly again and experiencing increased muscle soreness as I get back into shape. I love rubbing this dense salve all over my body after a warm bath to really relieve my muscles and reach peak evening relaxation. I'm really looking forward to seeing how cannabis companies, especially large, more mainstream ones like Beboe, address the devastating disparity between their lucrative business endeavors and the plight of the many black and brown humans currently serving prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses, like selling weed." — Courtney Higgs, associate beauty editor, Who What Wear

"I was skeptical about topical CBD lots, but this Lord Jones x Tamara Mellon CBD Stiletto Cream made me a believer. I don't wear high heels regularly but recently had to break out some five-inch heels for a friend's black-tie wedding. I used this cream (I actually applied it through my tights because I forgot to before!) and was able to not only keep my shoes on but also dance all night. And it didn't leave any residue on my tights or shoes—win-win." — Drew Elovitz, director of content strategy, Who What Wear

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After testing out this CBD-infused sheet mask with her parents, Who What Wear beauty editor Erin Jahns noted, "My skin felt hydrated enough that I actually skipped adding moisturizer after removal and the hydrating effect even lasted through my evening flight back to L.A.—impressive. Best of all, the mask and its ingredients didn't cause any issues like congestion or breakouts in the days after I tried it. If anything, my skin continued to look more even, smooth, and radiant, even though I hadn't changed anything else in my skincare routine. In all honesty, I didn't want to be impressed by this mask, but I am. I rarely see such instantaneous results with sheet masks or even regular masks, but this formula is special."

"I recently tried Feals for the first time. I did its Flight option, which was a super-easy way to determine accurate dosing for your individual use case. I can't say the taste is pleasant, it's pretty potent, but I could feel calming effects from each of the flights, so it definitely works. I looked to it mostly as a sleep aid, and it didn't disappoint. After taking the largest dose, I had a fantastic night's sleep. The effects were subtle and soothing, and I felt great the next morning." — Alex Flowers, senior analyst, Who What Wear

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"After a week of adding the serum to my morning and night routines (I've been mixing a half-dropper to my regular gel moisturizer), I have definitely taken note of an enhanced overall glowiness. I'm also glad to report I haven't experienced any recent face breakouts (which I'm lucky not to struggle with all the time, though I do normally rock a hormonal zit or two). I look forward to testing the product for a longer period, but as of now, I can safely say Saint Jane is one of the chicest CBD products on the market, inside and out." — Amanda Montell, contributing beauty editor, Who What Wear

"I pulled a muscle a couple of months ago and would apply this OG CBD lotion at the end of the day. I was shocked by how effective it was. The pain relief was pretty instant, but the effects were lasting, so that makes me think it was doing more than just numbing the muscle. I've tried it on my perpetually stiff shoulders too and was equally impressed." — Allyson Payer, senior editor, Who What Wear

Instead of coming home after work and pouring myself a glass of wine, I started taking one of these gummies, and I find it's so much better than drinking since I never wake up with that groggy, dehydrated feeling. It melts away any lingering stress from my day and generally puts me in a pleasant, anxiety-free state of mind. The formula combines chamomile, lemon balm extracts, and L-theanine to ease tension naturally, and the gummies have an apricot flavor which honestly tastes amazing. I'm legit hooked.

"I like to use this Sagely CBD body oil at night before bed. I apply right after the shower, and it instantly relaxes my muscles—almost like the feeling you have after a good massage. Trust, it's heavenly."  — Caitlin Burnett, contributing editor, Who What Wear

"After dosing my coffee, my expected wave of anxiety failed to hit. I felt energized and alert but not jittery or overwhelmed. My overall mood was totally improved by the effects of (and my love for) coffee, but I didn't encounter the intensity I've been feeling along with it as of late. I just felt ready to take on the day in a manageable, calm way." — Caitlin Burnett, contributing editor, Who What Wear

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