These Are the Only 8 De-Bloating Products and Tricks a Health Advisor Recommends

Is it just me or has bloating become a common denominator for so many of us? Admitting to a friend "I feel so bloated today" will almost always result in the other person commiserating with a disgruntled, "Same." I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with friends wherein we commiserate about the seemingly random moments bloating occurs. During a week where I'm eating a lot of salads and drinking water nonstop, I'll wake up one morning with a swollen waistline, but then after a few consecutive days of consuming pizza and beer, I'll feel fine. Frustrating, right? I swear sometimes if I just think about being bloated, it will happen.

After testing out a diet and lifestyle that I deemed to be bloat-resistant, it persisted nonetheless, so I decided it was finally time to do a deep dive into the world of health and wellness to finally banish it once and for all. It was time to turn to the experts. I chatted with diet wellness expert Kelley Hoag about the best de-bloating products, foods, and general tips.

Like I said, I was already aware of the more obvious ways to avoid the painful feeling of bloating, like generally avoiding salty and processed foods and eating enough fiber. But according to Hoag, when it does (inevitably) happen, dealing with it comes down to focusing on the health of your gut. She recommends a handful of supplements and tips (read: yoga poses) to do so. Keep reading to discover and shop them all.

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