These Are the Best Essential Oils on Amazon—and They're All $10 and Under

Best Essential Oils on Amazon



The power of essential oils is real. We've talked about the benefits and uses for them before, but where do you even start when choosing which ones to buy? There are so many out there, so we've made a list of our favorites to purchase on Amazon below. Why Amazon? Because whether you live in a big city or in a rural area, chances are you can order something from the mega-retailer and get it delivered quickly in just a few clicks. 

But before you get to the recommendations, it's important to note that essential oils are very potent, so a few drops will suffice; and they should be diluted properly before you apply to your skin.

Most of us know lavender is helpful for falling asleep and relieving stress, but it can also help with acne and skin irritations. This particular brand is listed as Amazon's Choice.

Bergamot has a citrus scent with a little bit of a spicy aroma. This one from Healing Solutions has over 35,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated 4.5 stars.

Ylang-ylang can help with sleep, plus reducing anxiety and stress. Gya Labs recommends adding a few drops to your shampoo, bath, and massage oil.

Eucalyptus can boost your mood and energy levels if you put it in a diffuser. It also can help with muscle inflammation and a sore throat (but check on how to diffuse it properly). This Plant Therapy version is Amazon's Choice.

This lemongrass essential oil is USDA certified organic, meaning it's free of pesticides. Lemongrass is known to help with anxiety and depression.

With over 13,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, this tea tree oil is labeled as Amazon's Choice. Tea tree oil has many uses, including treating acne and a sore throat.

This essential oil is 100% pure and organic. One of the benefits of sandalwood is its ability to help induce sleep.

Lemon essential oil can do a lot of work at home. It can help purify and freshen the air, but also energize you and treat a sore throat. Gya Labs also recommends adding it to your skincare products to help cleanse oily skin.

This essential oil can be added to your diffuser, bath, or shower for a relaxing experience. Chamomile can help with sleep problems and treating muscle inflammation. This particular brand is Amazon's Choice.

This particular essential oil is a top-rated option on Amazon. Not only does it smell great—people love it in fragrances—it can also help you fall asleep.

The citrusy scent of grapefruit could put a little pep in your step, and it can help improve your concentration, too. This one from Healing Solutions has over 35,000 reviews and 4.5 stars.

This clove essential comes with a glass eyedropper for ease of use. Clove is known to reduce tooth aches, improve circulation, repel insects.

This top-rated product is a blend of rose absolute and jojoba oils. Rose can help reduce stress and sleep problems. Put a few drops in your bath for a relaxing experience.

H'ana recommends mixing this essential oil with mint and lavender oil for stress relief, or using it to alleviate menstrual symptoms.

Frankincense has a comforting, woodsy scent. This one is a top-rated buy on Amazon and can aid with focus, sleep, and skin problems.

Good Essential's Vetiver oil comes with a helpful eyedropper so you can add it to your diffuser, lotions, or baths. If you can't focus or sleep, use vetiver as an aid.

We know that cinnamon adds a lot of flavor to food, but it can also provide a boost of energy as an essential oil. This particular brand has over 13,000 reviews and 4.5 stars.

Like cinnamon, we know basil tastes good, but it can also provide a mental boost in essential oil form. Healing Solutions' basil essential oil is listed on Amazon's Choice as well.

Orange is another food that has a lot of benefits as an essential oil. Plant Therapy recommends using its orange essential oil for its energizing, antibacterial, immune-boosting, and cleansing properties.

This one is a top-rated Amazon's Choice. Jasmine works wonders in a diffuser, filling a room with a sweet scent, and boosting energy.

A woodsy, warm scent, cedar works as a sleep aid and mental booster. At just $5, this tiny bottle is a deal.

Another top-rated Amazon's Choice, this ginger essential oil can increase energy levels and treat muscle inflammation and a sore throat.

With cooling properties and a fresh scent, peppermint can be used for energy and focus, plus muscle inflammation and a sore throat. This one from Now Foods is naturally sourced and 100% pure.

Pure Gold suggests using its pine essential oil in homemade lotions, candles, soaps, and massage oils. The woodsy scent with Christmas vibes can improve concentration.

We use rosemary in dishes and even cocktails, but it also has some healing properties when used as an essential oil: It can combat fatigue, skin problems, and muscle inflammation. This bottle comes with a small pipette for ease of use.

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