The 7 Best and Smartest Fertility Apps

The Best Fertility Apps


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Technology these days. It's sometimes really shocking what it can do for you, from reminding you that you need olive oil when you're at the grocery store to unlocking your phone through facial recognition. When it comes to the intersection of technology and health, there's even more of a "whoa" moment. Your Apple Watch can track your heart rate, there are apps that can help you meditate, and you can even stream workout videos from boutique fitness classes on your phone so you don't ever have to leave your house.

One other thing technology can do for you? Track your cycle. Like many apps, it's not foolproof, but it can help, so we rounded up some of the top-rated fertility apps out there below. And we wouldn't be responsible if we didn't note that you should proceed with caution when using these apps if you're trying to avoid getting pregnant, and you shouldn't bank on them if you're trying to get pregnant. Your doctor should always be your first contact for any questions about your cycle. If you're using them to have unprotected sex, they won't protect against STIs—only a condom can do that.

1. Kindara

Best Fertility Apps: Kindara



Free on iOS and Android

Kindara lets you input your data (basal body temperature, cervical fluid, menstruation cycle, and even when you had sex), so it can create a chart for you that will show you when you're most fertile. You can sync the data with Apple's Health app and share your chart with your doctor. Users can also connect with other women in the community for extra support. The company also makes Wink, a wireless thermometer that tracks your basal body temperature and automatically syncs with the app.

2. Clue

Best Fertility Apps: Clue App



Free on iOS and Android

The period tracker app Clue not only gives you more information about your menstrual cycle, but it can also provide insight into what's going on in your body. You can track when you get cramps, when your skin is out of whack, how much sleep you're getting, and even your mood.

3. Natural Cycles

Best Fertility Apps: Natural Cycles


Natural Cycles

Free on iOS and Android

Natural Cycles was approved by the FDA in 2018 as a method of contraception. To track your fertility, you use the brand's thermometer to take your basal body temperature, you then enter it into the app, and it will tell you if it's a red day (you're fertile) or a green day (you're not fertile). When used perfectly, it's 98% effective.

4. Flo

Best Fertility Apps: Flo



Free on iOS and Android

With the Flo app, you can log over 70 symptoms and activities to track your cycle; read expert articles and take quizzes and surveys; and even track your pregnancy. This one provides you with a lot of knowledge about women's health (and it's not just about ovulation), as the articles are penned by medical professionals, and you can interact with the community of women who also use the app.

5. Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Best Fertility Apps: Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker



Free on iOS and Android

Use the Ovia app to track your period, symptoms, and moods. It will give you data predictions of your most fertile days, which you can export to Excel (for the super-organized among us). You'll also have access to over 2000 articles and tips on fertility and sexual health, plus the community of women who also use the app.

6. Glow

Best Fertility Apps:  Glow



Free on iOS and Android

Glow gives you your personalized fertility calendar so you know when you're ovulating, lets you log your daily health, and gives you personal data for insight into what's happening with your reproductive health. The cool part is that you can also have your partner download the app, too, so they can stay in the loop. Glow also offers the Eve app, which you can use to track your periods and sex life.

7. Cycles

Best Fertility Apps: Cycles



Free on iOS

Cycles lets you track your, well, cycle. You can log any symptoms, activities, or moods in the app, in addition to any missed or irregular periods. This app also allows you to share the information privately with your partner.

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