Byrdie Editors Share the Health and Fitness Products We Actually Buy

We've admitted it before, and we'll admit it again: As folks who write about beauty for a living, we Byrdie editors receive a lot of free products. (It's a terrible burden, but someone's gotta do it, you know? Kidding, kidding.) We try a lot of stuff and have a lot of opinions: There are the products that we're not super into, the ones we feel "meh" about, and the ones that we love and sincerely recommend. But then there's a category of products that you know are genuinely the cream of the crop because, despite everything we get for free, we actually spend our own money on them.

We've already written about the skincare, makeup, and hair products Byrdie editors actually buy—but that's only the beginning. There are also tons of health, fitness, and self-care products we can't live without. I was as curious as anyone to find out what my fellow Byrdie editors actually spend their money on when it comes to nutrition supplements, workout gear, and other wellness goodies. Keep scrolling to read our 15 picks.