Byrdie Editors Share the Health and Fitness Products We Actually Buy

We've admitted it before, and we'll admit it again: As folks who write about beauty for a living, we Byrdie editors receive a lot of free products. (It's a terrible burden, but someone's gotta do it, you know? Kidding, kidding.) We try a lot of stuff and have a lot of opinions: There are the products that we're not super into, the ones we feel "meh" about, and the ones that we love and sincerely recommend. But then there's a category of products that you know are genuinely the cream of the crop because, despite everything we get for free, we actually spend our own money on them.

We've already written about the skincare, makeup, and hair products Byrdie editors actually buy—but that's only the beginning. There are also tons of health, fitness, and self-care products we can't live without. I was as curious as anyone to find out what my fellow Byrdie editors actually spend their money on when it comes to nutrition supplements, workout gear, and other wellness goodies. Keep scrolling to read our 15 picks.

"I'm completely obsessed with these powders. They come in delicious flavors like chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, sweet vanilla maple, and super berry (a superfood blend of veggies and fruits). They don't have a chalky taste like most protein powders, they're plant-based, and they're low in sugar. I love mixing them with almond milk and adding blueberries, chia seeds, a tablespoon of almond butter, and kale when I want to make it more of a meal replacement." 

"I use a yoga mat a few times a week for barre and Pilates, and it's quite thick for extra comfort. However, this means that it's really absorbent and doesn't always smell the most pleasant. That's why I love this disinfecting yoga spray with a fresh lavender scent to kill all the grossness that comes with sweating on a mat while making it smell like a dream. The lavender scent is also extremely calming during the cool-down. It's pretty brilliant."

"I've always been hopeless at finding the motivation for at-home workouts, but my Bellicon has changed everything. It's so much fun and such a solid workout. I'm addicted to Lekfit's streaming workouts, which utilize the rebounder for a low-impact, high energy sweat sesh. So good!"

"I use this stuff for everything—sore muscles, bruises, sunburn, you name it. It has this incredible cooling sensation on contact, and the CBD and arnica work overtime to sooth any pain and inflammation."

"I was introduced to this amazing blend when Moon Juice collaborated with Charlotte's Web to create CBD-infused smoothies. Now I love using the chocolate mint tincture in my morning green smoothie—it's like drinking mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the CBD mellows me out while amplifying my productivity for the day."

"When I sweat, I sweat a lot. And I live in New York City, which means I'm constantly on foot and everything feels like such a journey. Honestly, making it back to my Brooklyn home after a workout class feels like an involuntary adventure. With that being said, I can't shower right away because I have to factor in time for my commute. I love using these guys to quickly wipe myself down. They smell so amazing, and I'm never left with that gross, sticky feeling. I keep a few of these in my gym bag at all times for a refresher when I'm on the move."

"Sakara Life offers these tiny, bite-size chocolates that I've become obsessed with as I try to streamline and clean out my diet. The high-quality, raw dark chocolate (with one gram of coconut sugar) are certified both gluten-free and dairy-free. So while I can pop just one to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner (without straying from my new wellness plan), I'm also ingesting my daily required probiotic for proper gut health. It's killing two birds with one super-healthy (and admittedly delicious) stone."

"Moon Juice launched this blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs—shatavari root extract, Ashwagandha root and leaf extract, amla fruit extract, and Rhodiola root extract—meant to address the effects of stress on your mind and body. I started taking them as soon as they arrived, skeptical but still ready to accept all the help I could get. Apparently, by helping to normalize cortisol levels, the plant-sourced supplements work to reduce stress while also enhancing your energy, mood, and focus. What's more? I actually noticed a difference. I'd been feeling particularly anxiety-ridden the past few weeks, for reasons that have to do with both work deadlines and personal issues, and taking these supplements has genuinely helped. I noticed an uptick in my energy levels and a decrease in feeling overwhelmed and stressed out."

"Ritual: I have a bad track record when it comes to taking vitamins—espcially multivitamins. These ones don't smell, they don't irritate my stomach, and I appreciate how thoughtfully they're designed with women's needs specifically in mind."

"I've been obsessed with Vital proteins for years now. The powder mixes and blends seamlessly (no gross clumps!), there's no taste, and I'm convinced I've actually seen a difference in my hair and skin. I'm hooked."

"I like that this helps me smell fresh and clean, even if I've been sweating (like after Y7). It's good for when you're going from a workout straight to the office—plus, there are antibacterial ingredients in it to kill germs."

"I wasn't really familiar with arnica as a natural pain remedy until I discovered this balm, but as someone who gets quasi-debilitating soreness after working out (I'm a reformer Pilates gal!), I'm so glad this entered my life. I rub this all over my sore muscles and the cooling sensation soothes them right away, providing some temporary and much-desired relief. Yogahhh! indeed."

"Padma Lakshmi recently told me about a DIY topical de-bloating treatment you make with essential oils, and I immediately went out to Whole Foods and bought all the ingredients. (I wrote about the recipe for Byrdie; you can read more about it here.) Grapefruit essential oil was one of them, and I've really been enjoying using it on its own as a form of aromatherapy. A sniff of its energizing, citrusy scent in the morning is such a good way to wake up physically and spiritually."

"Even as someone who eats a plant-based diet, I can be pretty bad about getting my greens in. (What can I say? I prefer chocolate.) But that's actually perfect because this essential greens supplement powder, which everyone on Team Byrdie loves, tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. At the same time, it's packed with organic green superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, a full serving of fruits and vegetables, and five billion probiotics. Too good to be true, right? I usually mix it into banana smoothies or oatmeal, and it's impossibly delicious."

"It seems like everyone is putting CBD in beauty products right now, but the founder of Kush Queen was one of the first to do it, back before it was cool (or legal). This relaxing, de-stressing, pain-relieving balm is heavenly for self-massage after a workout."

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