The Most Soothing (and Healing) Foods to Eat When You Have a Sore Throat

As someone who loves food a lot, few things are more devastating for me than a sore throat. On top of not being able to taste anything, the pain when trying to swallow food is pretty excruciating when your throat is irritated. It's always best to consult your doctor if a sore throat is truly unbearable or caused by something other than just an irritation (if it's bacterial, you may need medicine). As for what you can eat while you wait it out? We turned to Beverly Hills concierge doctor Ehsan Ali, MD, LiveHealth Online physician Mia Finkelston, MD, and Naomi Whittel, creator of Reserveage Nutrition and author of Glow15, to break down for us what are the best foods for a sore throat and what foods to avoid. Scroll down to see what they said below.