7 Foods That Will Eliminate Your Hangover in Record Time

New Year's Eve is just days away, and as much as we're thinking about getting dressed up and ringing in 2019 with our nearest and dearest, we're also anticipating the aftereffects of such festivities on New Year's Day. Cue the dreaded hangover. Yes, despite our best intentions, the morning after merrymaking (aka throwing back champagne and plowing through Instagram-ready cocktails) can be a doozy. But just because you spent the night overindulging doesn't mean your body has to spend the first day of the year paying for it.

To aid your post-NYE ills, we've rounded up a list of ways to cure your hangover. The best part? You can eat your way to better health (or at least tame your headache and stomach woes) with these nutritious remedies. So in case you overdo it with the drinks and find yourself suffering on the first day of the year, read on to see what home cures might be hiding out in your kitchen or local market. Keep scrolling to see all the foods (and drinks) to add to your grocery that will cure your hangover.