15 Cookbooks That Will Actually Make You Want to Eat at Home

The 15 Best Healthy Cookbooks, Hands Down


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As much as I love cooking, it can get a little old. I have a rotation of five to seven go-to recipes that I use over and over again. It's not that I don't like trying new food or testing out new preparation methods, but it's just so easy to shop for and prepare the recipes I know best.

But in an effort to make my at-home cooking more exciting and save money by dining in, I've been experimenting with new recipes. I've also been looking for healthier recipes packed with nutritious ingredients because I've been feeling sluggish recently and want to have more energy.

I've done a little bit of digging around to find the best healthy cookbooks to add to my wish list, and I've decided to share a few of my findings with you. I'm talking about cookbooks that feature whole foods and good-for-you ingredients, and while there are a few cookbooks on this list that adhere to certain diet plans (like keto or Whole30), most of them just feature recipes that I think are interesting and packed with nutritious deliciousness. 

Take a look at some of the best healthy cookbooks below. And if I missed one of your favorites, send me a DM at @thethirty.

This one was recommended to me by THE/THIRTY's social media editor, Candice Aman. It's a Whole30-endorsed cookbook that's perfect for people who just completed the program and are looking to reintroduce ingredients like tortillas, yogurt, beans, and legumes to their diets. You'll find enough gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free recipes here.

A cookbook that's all about healthy comfort food? Sign me up. Julia Turshen provides nutritious takes on delicious, comforting dishes, like stewed chicken with sour cream and chive dumplings or lemon ricotta cupcakes. From weeknight hits to one-pot vegan meals to easy baked goods, the variety of recipes is endless. 

Full disclosure: I used to work with Dawn Perry, so I may be biased toward her culinary creations. But in my opinion, they're the best of the best. Her cookbook comes out in November and is all about making easy, quick, and delicious dishes with what you have on hand. It's especially useful if you're overdue for a trip to the grocery store and don't want to order takeout.

A healthy cookbook that's titled How to Not Die might seem a little too on the nose, but this one is a best seller for good reason. The recipes are based on the latest nutrition science at the time of publication and include meals like superfood breakfast bites and spaghetti-squash puttanesca.

Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis combines wellness practices (like self-care, meditation, and intermittent fasting) with healthy recipes in her latest cookbook. She explains how she changed up her diet to control inflammation and shares her three-day diet "reboot." And in true Laurentiis fashion, there are tons of yummy Italian options, like fusilli with chicken and broccoli rabe, as well as healthy dishes like quinoa pancakes, sheet-pan parmesan shrimp and veggies, and chocolate and orange brown-rice treats.

If you're looking to target inflammation, this cookbook has you covered. It gives you the 411 on the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet, like what to eat and what to avoid eating. And there's also a complete, two-week meal plan to help you get started.

Numerous studies have confirmed the longevity effects of the Mediterranean diet. Not only is it a surefire healthy option but it also incorporates delicious ingredients. (You don't even have to skimp on pasta or cheese.) This cookbook features a whopping 500 recipes from Italy, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon, so you don't have to worry about a lack of variety.

You'll find so many delicious vegan recipes from the African Diaspora in this popular and critically-acclaimed cookbook by chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry. I'm talking dishes like cinnamon-soaked wheat berry salad and creamy coconut-cashew soup.

I've made a few of Tieghan Gerard's recipes before, and they're so yummy, comforting, and relatively easy to prepare. This book expands her fresh take on comfort food and features dishes like a guilt-free fettuccine alfredo and blackened mahi-mahi tacos.

Like many people, I'm trying to eat plant-based more and more these days. That's why this cookbook is on my list. It features recipes with protein-rich ingredients like tofu, seitan, beans, and grains.

The best thing about this cookbook is its no-fuss recipes, which come complete with straightforward instructions and affordable ingredients. These healthy and delicious recipes include miso-butter toast with a nine-minute egg, pozole with pinto beans and queso fresco, and flatbread with spiced chicken and chickpeas.

In this cookbook, celebrity chef Candice Kumai shares some unique recipes for clean eating that you'll actually be excited to make and eat. All of the recipes in the book are gluten-free, and some include meat for those who aren't ready to go completely plant-based. The book features a one-week cleanse and a six-week plan to help you create some healthy habits.

You're going to love vegetables after you try this cult-favorite cookbook by London-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi. It's a collection of 120 vegetarian recipes, including soba noodles with eggplant and mango, fava-bean burgers, and farro and roasted-pepper salad. No boring veggies here.

If you're on the keto train or at least thinking about getting on it, you probably need some recipe ideas. This cookbook makes keto easy, especially since all the recipes are quick and require only five main ingredients.

With 130 recipes inspired by classic comfort foods, this cookbook is so helpful for everyday cooking. The recipes are affordable, and author Erin Clarke even offers ideas to transform your leftovers. Try the creamy one-pot sundried-tomato orzo and the stuffed sweet potatoes.

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