I'm a Meditation Newbie and I Tried the Best Meditation Apps—This Was the Best

For some reason, I've always viewed meditation as such an an unreachable state of zen. Probably my naivety kicking in, but for many years, I never thought I could be included in the elitist equation of meditation that involved people like experienced yogis and buddhists. To give myself a little credit, this was before the whole "wellness" wave took over the millennial generation. Over the years, the practice of meditation has transformed into a more approachable practice that everyone can do everywhere.

Studies show that meditation has the power to help reduce blood pressure, flare-ups with ulcerative colitis, and more health conditions. It's also been shown to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

My mind never calms down, to the point that I've started to accept stress as my norm. (I know, it's not healthy.) In an attempt to calm my nerves, I decided to try the best meditation apps for the first time and share my experience below.

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