Which of These 4 Meditation Techniques Best Suits Your Personality?

At the start of 2017, I joined a yoga and meditation studio. Far from a seasoned yogi, over past few weeks, I've become reacquainted with the basics like Cat/Cow and Warrior 2—as advanced as I currently get without relying on peripherals. It was about two weeks in that I worked up the courage to take my first meditation class—more daunting and possibly demanding (to me) than an hour of vinyasa. A complete beginner to the practice (and avid overthinker), I came to the class with many questions on my mind.

Despite my first failed attempt at meditation—said questions buzzed about in my mind for the 45-minute duration—I was not deterred. I know we can all use a little more balance in our lives, and meditation is known to be an effective way to center oneself and promote well-being. I'm determined to make it work.

One of the many thoughts I had while trying to think of nothing was whether this was the right method for me. With recent talk of "finding the right workout plan for your personality," I wondered if meditation worked in a similar manner. Were there certain techniques more suited to particular personality types? Should one explore different options before closing their eyes and committing?

The best source to tap for such knowledge was the class instructor, Asher Luzzatto, who leads all the meditation classes at Hyperslow. I asked him all the questions (that popped into my mind while I was attempting to not think), and he broke down the basics for meditation beginners and explained how to determine which technique is best for you.

Keep scrolling to discover everything you need to know when beginning meditation and the kind you should consider, according to your personality type.

Meditation is a practice, and a practice takes commitment.