7 Natural Deodorants That Won't Make You Give Up in Smelly Frustration

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Illustration by Haobin Ye

In all honesty, I initially thought that my grueling search for the perfect natural deodorant had finally come to a halt two years ago. I had been using Agent Nateur's cult-fave Holi(stick) Deodorant for several weeks to wonderful results. Even in sky-high July temperatures, I smelled lovely all day long—and as my body continued to adjust (read: began to perspire less), I only fell more in love with this all-natural formula.

Then, one morning, as I was pulling my top over my head, I saw them: twin red patches sprawled across my underarms. They didn't itch or hurt at the moment, but I wasn't about to risk finding out if they would. I stopped using my beloved Holi(stick), and the rashes cleared up in just a day or two. My armpits were none the worse for wear; I, however, was crushed.

But this hiccup on the road to underarm nirvana ultimately forced me to trial dozens more formulas until I amassed an armpit arsenal for just about every occasion. And although my all-day-every-day product still remained elusive, as fate would have it, I actually met Agent Nateur founder Jena Covello a few months ago. She told me that some people (like me) are sensitive to the baking soda found in many natural formulas (including hers), which is why she developed a new version for sensitive skin. After discussing the ins and outs of natural deo over iced matchas, she sent me on my way with that new formula in tow—and several weeks later, I feel as though my armpit journey has finally come full circle.

Since finding the "right" natural deodorant (and deodorant in general) is a very personal journey, I thought it only right to include some of the other favorites I've accumulated over the years—many of which also have ringing endorsements from my colleagues. Find the seven natural deodorants we swear by for all temps, sweat levels, and occasions below.