The 8 Best All-Natural Lubes for People With Vaginas

It's time for anyone who has a vagina to take control of their vaginal health. For decades, we've been sold personal care products that contain chemicals and other harsh ingredients. According to a report from the nonprofit Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), many tampons, vaginal washes, and other personal hygiene products contain unknown fragrance chemicals, parabens, and dyes, which have been shown to cause endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, and even cancer.

Meika Hollender, co-founder of the sexual-wellness brand Sustain, told us that's why she started her brand. "I was like, Holy shit, why are women, in particular, spending all this time thinking about what they put on their face and skin, eating organic food, and cleaning their house with nontoxic cleaning products, but no one has any idea what’s in the products that are going inside one of the most absorbent parts of their body that’s sitting inside of them for several years of their life?"

She makes a good point. That's why we've rounded up eight of the best all-natural lubes that you can feel safe using.

This water-based lube contains organic aloe vera, so it'll nourish your skin while increasing your sexual pleasure. The formula is also pH balancing, so it won't mess with your body's natural chemistry.

A touch of lemon and vanilla gives Almost Naked a bit of flavor. It also contains aloe vera and was designed with the most sensitive skin types in mind. Plus, it's 100% vegan. 

Sierra Sage designed this water-based lube to mimic and replenish your body's own natural lubrication. It's infused with organic calendula flowers to promote healing and nourishment. 

A key difference between Ignite and most other CBD-infused lubes is that this one isn't made with coconut oil, which alters the body's pH balance and isn't latex compatible. Instead, it's water-based, paraben-free, and latex compatible.

H2O is (unsurprisingly) a water-based lube. With only five ingredients, it's about as simple as you can get. It's fragrance-, flavor-, and paraben-free and 100% vegan, so you really can't go wrong.

Water Slide contains only four ingredients: water, propanediol, carrageenan, and citric acid. "I'm moderately sensitive to pH changes in my lady parts, and most lubes I've tried have eventually caused issues. Not only has this not caused a single issue over the several years I've now been using this brand, but it doesn't ever get gummy or gross!" one Amazon buyer raves.

Aloe Cadabra boasts that you'll "feel the difference of a luxurious lubricant that hydrates, invigorates, and refreshes—all naturally, with no harsh chemicals." It contains essential vitamins and nutrients to moisturize while maintaining your body's natural pH. A bonus? It's edible.

This lube contains an ingredient you've probably come across during your skincare regimen—hyaluronic acid, which is very moisturizing and hydrating. This formula also contains lotus root, oat beta glucan, and propanediol, which are all natural, plant-based ingredients proven to nourish and soothe the skin.

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