Kendall Jenner's Dentist Sets the Record Straight on Natural Toothpaste



Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is hopping on the all-natural train these days? Last year, Sephora announced the introduction of labels for its clean beauty products, and our Facebook Group members frequently request more and more recommendations for all-natural remedies for things like allergies to anxiety (hello, essential oils). 

I've found myself participating, recently doing a clean sweep of my go-to products and replacing my deodorant, body wash, face masks, and so on. Since my tube of toothpaste was on its last leg, I found myself wondering if it was time to switch to all-natural dental care, too. 

But does going all-natural necessarily mean that it's better for us? Or is it simply just giving in to the hype? My teeth are pretty damn important to me, because pizza, so I decided to reach out to a dental expert and gain the truth. As it turns out, my intuition was correct—not all natural toothpaste is healthier than mainstream ones. In fact, they might actually be worse for your teeth. Keep reading to hear what a dentist has to say, along with his brand recommendations.