The Activewear Accessory That Can Change Your Yoga Practice

15 Best Non-Slip Yoga Socks to Wear to Your Next Class


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When you're heading out the door to go to a yoga class, you probably go through a mental checklist of what you need, and that probably includes a mat, maybe a change of clothes or some layers, and a water bottle. But there are some other accessories that can help you level up your yoga practice whether you're going to a studio or working out at home—think yoga blocks, a stretching strap, a towel, and socks.

You might be thinking, socks? While optional, they can be so helpful during your yoga class if you find you're having trouble staying put on your mat, slipping, or losing your balance. The best non-slip yoga socks will help you feel confident while getting deeper into your poses or challenging yourself during flows because you won't have to worry as much about falling over. And as an added bonus, they can keep your feet warm and clean. You can even wear these to other workouts like barre classes, so consider them a double-duty accessory.

Take a look at some highly rated pairs below.

Made with a cotton blend, these grippy socks will keep you comfortable.

The ballet-inspired straps on these socks will keep them in place.

The phrase on this pair is just a reminder to stay in the moment during your practice. The socks themselves are comfy with a padded footbed and elastic arch support with compression.

Not only do these socks have a patented double-grip design, but they have fun sparkly straps for a little bit of flair.

Lululemon's yoga socks are grippy on the inside and out, so they'll stay on your feet and give you those balance benefits.

Dancers will love these socks that look like ballet shoes. The elastic strap on top is flexible but will still keep your feet snug.

These socks are all about comfort. They include an arch band for support and a heel tab for Achilles protection.

For a crew-sock option, take a look at these. They're breathable and sweat-absorbing.

I love the unique design on these grippy socks. Plus, the mesh detail and cutouts allow for breathability.

Gaiam's socks are great for a bunch of workouts, from yoga to barre to Pilates. The criss-cross strap will ensure your socks won't come off during class.

Give your toes a little bit more freedom with these socks. They feature a fitted heel, so they won't bunch.

Lululemon also makes an ankle-sock version of its yoga sock if you want a little more coverage. It's made with a breathable mesh fabric.

Alo's no-slip grippy socks feature cushioned soles and elastic straps.

Made with soft and stretchy organic cotton, this pair will get you through any workout where you need a little more balance or steadiness.

More Yoga Gear to Shop

Manduka's Pro mat might be a bit more expensive than others, but it's definitely worth the investment because it will last for a long time. It has just the right amount of cushioning to help you feel supported.

A yoga block provides you with more stability during your practice.

I love using a yoga stretching strap even when I'm not doing yoga. It's a great way to release any tension after a long day.

You can use a yoga towel as a hand towel to wipe sweat from your body, or you can spread it out on your mat so you don't have to worry about slipping.

Easily tote your mat to and from class with this bag. It's water resistant and features an adjustable shoulder strap and pockets for storage.