The Best Organic Pads Out There, Based on Reviews

8 Best Organic Pads, Based on Reviews

Periods are no fun. The cramps, nausea, fatigue, irritability… Should I go on? The least of your worries should be the kind of feminine products you're using. Why would you want to stress about leaks or discomfort when you're already feeling blah?

We've already discussed the fact that what's in your products can really make a difference. Some have chemicals and substances that can be irritating and harmful. We've already covered organic tampons, so now it's time to look for the best natural pads on the market. 

Browse some of the noteworthy ones below, according to reviews.

These are made with 100% organic, non-GMO Texas cotton, but they're also super absorbent and breathable. On Amazon, the pads have over 1600 rating and 4.5 stars

What a reviewer said: "My friend recommended these to me, and I'm so glad she did! What an excellent pad. There is an extra 'top flap' that helps protect your underwear from the 'overflow' that usually happens."

These are great for those days at the end of your period when you don't have to wear a big pad, but still need protection. They're made without fragrances, polyester, deodorants, rayon, artificial dyes, phthalates, or chlorine.

What a reviewer said: "They stay in place and intact condition even after an entire day of work and working out. I couldn't stand another organic brand of thong liners that would literally disintegrate midday; it was the most annoying thing!"

Not only are these pads chlorine-, rayon-, and deodorant-free, but there's also a do-good component to them, too. Seventh Generation is donating 43 cents for every pack they sell to nonprofits focused on safe and affordable period care.

What a reviewer said: "I tried several brands that claimed to be eco-friendly. None of them were as absorbent as the big-name brands, but these do come close. They are comfortable and they work and these are far better than the several other eco-friendly brands I tried."

Cora has some great options, like its tampons and menstrual cups, so it's no surprise that its pads work just as well, too. They're made with 100% certified organic cotton and will keep you dry and leak-free. Like Seventh Generation, when you purchase a Cora product, you're helping the company provide pads and health education to girls.

What a reviewer said: "These pads are very thin and that makes them very comfortable to wear. Wearing these feels like you have nothing on and they gave me perfect protection. I did not experience any leakage even on my heavier days."

These pads have an organic cotton top sheet for extra protection. Each compact box comes with 10 pads with wings.

What a reviewer said: "Typical pads are so uncomfortable and tend to not stick well. These are so comfortable to wear and actually stay in place, which I was super happy about."

Like many on the list, these are made with organic cotton; free from bleaching, pesticides, and fragrances; and for every product you purchase, another product is donated.

What a reviewer said: "These are the first pads with wings I have liked! Usually I find the wing ones a hassle and they don't stay in place, but these felt so natural and comfortable. Also impressed that the real cotton absorbed as well as it does."

Made for light to medium flows, these organic cotton pads are breathable and soft. They're also wrapped in a biodegradable cornstarch-based wrapper so you don't have to worry about excess waste.

What a reviewer said: "These pads are the perfect compromise between design and eco-conscious. There are few biodegradable pads on the market and they can be quite pricey. These aren't cheap, but they're excellent at absorbing and trapping moisture, keeping it away from the skin, the standards you are accustomed to with plastic brands."

Each box comes with two different options "day," for medium-flow days, and "night," for heavier flow or overnight protection. They're hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and made with organic cotton.

What a reviewer said: "Most natural and organic pads I've used don't hold up very well. They twist and bunch and are just generally a step back from the big brand names I used to use. But these! THESE are what a natural pad should be. Absorbent. Not bulky. Don't break apart during wear. Everything I want and so comfy too. I love the variety pack they come in. Highly recommend."

These pads with wings are biodegradable, compostable, USDA organic, and vegan. Plus, the wrapper is compostable, too!

What a reviewer said: "These pads have not only done the job, but to know that the company is doing its part to be green is beyond awesome! Do not miss the bigger name brands and the toxic materials they use to make their products and the waste of their packaging."

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Ed. Note: Some reviews have been lightly edited for clarity.