The Best Organic Tampons, According to Reviews

Up until somewhat recently, there weren't that many options when it came to shopping for tampons and other period-helpful products. In fact, for many years, our biggest conundrum regarding Flo's arrival was to go pad, liner, tampon, or an almighty protective fortress of all three. Now, however, we have more options—from leak-proof underwear to menstrual cups to sustainable and organically made tampons. Today, we're focusing on the latter. Because yes, just as selecting high-quality food and supplements is important, so too is choosing organic, all-natural tampons. After all, we do allow them to live inside of our bodies for hours at a time!

"We give thought to what's in our food and beauty products, so why not our tampons, which we use in one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies?" asks Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, who founded Lola, a 100%-cotton-tampon subscription service. "The big brands do the bare minimum and rarely disclose the ratio of ingredients in their tampons, which is typically a blend of the artificial fibers rayon and polyester, among others." Yikes.

Thankfully for our cycles, the past three years or so have instigated a crusade of sorts within the realm of organic feminine products, with more and more impassioned founders and companies launching organic, all-natural, sustainably sourced, and even biodegradable options to keep the ecosystems of earth and vagina alike in peak condition. Looking to make the switch to organic? You've come to the right place. Ahead, the 10 best organic tampon brands, according to research and reviews aplenty.