The Only 6 Products I Swear By for Really Sore Muscles

Welcome to The/Thirty's Sweat Guide, a series devoted to the art of sweating smarter—no matter how hard you're working out (or how hot it is outside). Check back for advice on the best cooling, post-workout products, editor-approved natural deodorants, and more.


Illustration by Haobin Ye

Is it weird that I actually like being a little sore after a workout? It's a nice reminder that I put the work in and really challenged my body—as well as an indication that I'm growing stronger. Studies suggest that when we experience delayed-onset muscle soreness, it can be an indicator of muscle growth in progress. (This is assuming, of course, that you didn't work so hard to the point of injury.)

But tender muscles and joints can also be a literal pain, especially when it takes an effort just to sit down without wincing. In these scenarios, I don't mess around: I have an arsenal of sprays, gels, and supplements I swear by for both instantaneous and long-term relief. Shop my favorites below.