Add to Cart: The Only Pair of Patterned Leggings I've Ever Really Wanted

Welcome to Add to Cart, in which we count down the activewear and wellness products currently on our wish lists.

On this week's edition of Add to Cart, I'm super focused on items that can seamlessly become a part of my everyday routine. I'm quite the minimalist, so I only want to add things to my life that are practical and useful. However, upon scrolling below, you'll also learn that I chose a particular piece that is out of my all-black, printless, comfort zone, but (supposedly) change is a good thing, right? Plus, even though I'm somewhat color- and pattern-averse, that doesn't mean I don't know a good item when I see one. Keep reading to learn more about sports bras, crystal-infused candles, and other wellness-inspired products I'm itching to try right now.