8 Clean-Ingredient Protein Powders That Don't Taste Like Chalk

After being traumatized by one too many smoothies that bore an uncanny resemblance to wet cement, I actually swore off protein powder for a time. The gritty texture and cloying flavor just weren't worth it for me—not to mention the unrecognizable ingredients that always seemed to occupy the labels of the more popular formulas on the market.

But like many things in this rapidly evolving industry, that all seems to be changing. Thanks to organic-minded brands like Moon Juice and Sakara, we don't just have access to a handful of well-formulated protein powders, we also get to upgrade them with ingredients like adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. Better yet: Taste and texture are non-negotiables.

Keep scrolling for some of the protein powders we're loving right now.