August Awfuls: 6 Self-Care Things You Can Do to Feel Better About Summer Ending

If the Sunday scaries are those pangs of anxiety you feel the evening before the start of a potentially stressful workweek, the August Awfuls are the seasonal equivalent, hitting right at the end of summer. "Cooler temperatures, shorter days, … and the back-to-school tantrums can create apprehension and even sadness for many of us as the summer days come to an end," describes Audry Van Houweling, a holistic psychiatric nurse practitioner who say the August Awfuls can indicate "the start of seasonal affective disorder for some of us, as we are already anxiously dreading the cold months of winter."

The end of summer is a time of transition out of vacation and back to a life that seems "more serious and structured," adds Susan McClanahan, Ph.D., the chief clinical officer at Eating Recovery Center/Insight Behavioral Health Centers. Like a disappointing weekend or a Sunday that ended too soon, "it can feel disappointing that summer did not live up to all it was supposed to be, and that life just goes on."

That said, the end-of-summer blues don't have to be inevitable. After all, the beginning of a new season means the opportunity to reset priorities, says Van Houweling: "Jump-start your business, start an exercise routine, or reignite a hobby." Want mental health experts' advice for how to minimize the August Awfuls? Just keep scrolling.