Seriously, Who Doesn't Want to Fall Asleep Faster?

The lights are off, phone silenced, and pillows perfectly propped—there’s just one small thing keeping you from drifting off into much-needed slumber: your brain. If you struggle to quiet your thoughts and let go of the day, you’re not alone. We’ve spent countless nights in that wretched, exhausted-but-wide-awake state. Ugh.

In pursuit of ways to curb insomnia, we came across three exceptional apps that change the sleeping game for the rest-deprived. Check them out below and snooze on.


Cost: First 10 meditations free; $12.99 per month; $94.99 per year

If you’re interested in meditation, you’ve likely heard of Headspace, the popular guided meditation app that’s helped make mindfulness mainstream. While not exclusively a sleep app, many claim meditation curbs insomnia and quiets a busy mind before bed. Try incorporating a short reflection into your nightly routine—it might just check those anxiety-fueled thoughts that tend to scurry front of mind when the lights go off.

White Noise

Cost: $0.99

Parents everywhere know that white noise—noise that combines sounds of different frequencies—is a great way to help lull a restless baby to sleep. Turns out, it has the same effect for adults. The White Noise app is based on the idea that if your sleep environment is too quiet, unwanted sounds—like a snoring partner or street traffic—can make it more difficult to fall asleep. The app allows you to choose from an enormous catalog of sounds—ranging from crashing waves to a vacuum cleaner (hey, to each their own)—to soothe your brain into slumber. You can also upload your own white noise recordings, and mix multiple sounds to find the perfect combination.

Simply Being

Cost: $1.99

If a proper end-of-day unwind and white noise aren’t quite cutting it for you, consider a guided sleep meditation app like Simply Being. This app offers soothing meditations that range from five to thirty minutes. Choose to listen with or without nature sounds in the background, or enjoy nature sounds on their own.

Have any others to add to the list? Tell us your favorite below!