6 Editors Share the One Buy That Helps Them De-Stress

6 Editors Share the One Buy That Helps Them De-Stress



Are we all stressed out? It seems like a lot of us are. Back in April 2018, a poll from Gallup found that Americans are among the most stressed-out people in the world. Then in 2019, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as an "occupational phenomenon."

If reading the above makes you feel even more stressed, we're right with you, but there are plenty of ways to unwind, relax, and take a moment. Our Who What Wear and THE/THIRTY editors lead some pretty busy lives as well, so they shared the products that help them de-stress. The remedies range from amazing-smelling candles to some cozy pajamas for a good night's sleep. Take a look below and use this as inspiration for the next time you need a breather.

Kat Collings, Who What Wear Editor in Chief

Best stress relief products

"It has clean ingredients, it will make any I've-been-pounding-on-a-keyboard-all-day muscles relax instantly, and tons of industry insiders swear by the stuff. What's not to love?"

Nicole Eshaghpour, Who What Wear Market Editor

Best stress relief products

"I love coming home after a long day, showering, and immediately getting into a pajama set. I feel relaxed, comfortable, and like I'm somehow treating myself."

Erin Jahns, Who What Wear Beauty Editor

Best stress relief products

"I know there are two camps of people in this world—those who like baths and those who don't, but I definitely fall into the former for stress relief. Even though my tiny L.A. apartment doesn't have the most aesthetically pleasing of bathrooms, lighting a candle and adding some of this CBD infused bath soak from Nannette de Gaspé is life-changing. First of all, it's violet and SO pretty, but it also has tons of hydrating oils and other luxe ingredients to pamper and soothe your skin. I'm obsessed. It's spend-y but worth it!"

Note: Erin's product pick is no longer in stock, but this bath soak above is a similar option.

"Candles are another one of my favorite tools for remaining calm and de-stressing. I tend to get most anxious at night, but I definitely notice a difference in my mood and ability to decompress if I light a few candles in my room and read before bed instead of staring at my computer or Instagram feed. I love Apotheke Co.'s candles, and its black charcoal scent is one of my all-time favorites."

Anna LaPlaca, Who What Wear Assistant Editor

Best stress relief products

"I'd never experienced being able to fall asleep within moments of my head hitting the pillow until this purchase. Turns out a supportive memory foam pillow like this was all that stood between me and great sleep."

Allyson Payer, Who What Wear Senior Editor

Allyson Payer

"This candle smells like mint tea, which sounds unusual, but it's so unique and soothing, and miraculously mellows me out at the end of a long day."

Sarah Yang, THE/THIRTY Managing Editor

Sarah Yang

"I'm a light sleeper, so I need to be in a really dark, quiet room. This silk sleep mask is so comfortable and lightweight, so I can doze off easily. There are so many colors to choose from, but I like wearing the striped one because it makes me feel like I'm in an Old Hollywood movie."

"Whether I'm stressed out or not, I swear by my essential oil diffuser to lift my spirits after a long day at the office. A few drops of lavender or lemon at bedtime fills my room with its delicious scent and, along with a good book and a cup of tea, helps me drift off to sleep. I love the Vitruvi brand especially because its porcelain diffusers blend perfectly into my décor, and the brand offer a wide range of essential oil blends that just smell so good!"

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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.