I've Been Wearing These 3 Activewear Pieces on Repeat All Summer


Courtesy of JoyLab

I'm starting to think that our designers at JoyLab know me a little too well—to the point where I now anticipate each new collection launch like a bona fide holiday. Without fail, I add a handful of items to my closet that end up on heavy rotation from the gym to the farmers market to brunch and beyond because they kind of have that whole versatility thing on lock. It's something that has proved immensely useful during the summer months when all I want to do is wear stretchy, breathable clothing that also happens to be cute.

Case in point: JoyLab's latest collection features its usual fitness must-haves, but the three items I've been wearing most go well beyond the gym. Check them out below—and be sure to shop the rest of JoyLab's latest here.