The 13 Supplements That Changed Our Editors' Lives

Best supplements to take daily


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When it comes to vitamins and supplements, everyone's got opinions. Some people swear by a daily multivitamin. Others can't be without their probiotics. Some need a nootropic for increased focus and energy. And there are those who take all of the above and then some to feel their best. All of the information out there can be downright overwhelming.

When you take vitamins and supplements, it's important to keep in mind that it's not exactly one-size-fits-all because every body is different. That's why one of the first steps before taking something new should be to talk to your doctor or trusted healthcare professional who knows your health history and can help you choose brands and formulas that are safe and fit with your lifestyle. 

Best supplements to take daily


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While keeping that in mind, we also wanted to know which vitamins and supplements worked for other people. So we polled our editors and staff at THE/THIRTY and Who What Wear to see which ones really made a difference for them. Take a look below and see what they had to say. But remember: Before you take any of these, do your research first and always proceed with caution. You never know how it will affect you, for better or worse.

1. Hum Nutrition Skin Heroes

"I've tried an obscene number of probiotic supplements, and I never felt fully satisfied with any of them until I started taking Skin Heroes. They combine pre and probiotics together to make them super effective. I don't think a lot people realize that when you take probiotics, they won't fully do their job unless you've added enough prebiotic-rich foods to your diet, which is why a lot of people say that taking probiotics doesn't really do much for them. When I made the switch, I noticed within the first few days that I had less bloating, better digestion, and overall more energy and now I won't stop telling whoever will listen about them. — Anna LaPlaca, associate editor, Who What Wear

2. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

"I'm obsessed with MCT oil. I put it in my smoothies every morning after I work out. It's great for weight maintenance and loss, gives me energy, and I notice a difference in appetite the mornings I take it. It also keeps me 'regular' in the mornings, which is great because I always have issues when I travel, and it's a huge help." — Alexandra Flowers, affiliate manager

3. Seed Daily Synbiotic (Monthly Subscription)

A lot of our editors swear by Seed's Daily Synbiotic, a prebiotic and probiotic formula that can help with gut immunity, digestion, skin problems, heart health, and more. Chief Content Officer Hillary Kerr takes it daily—a recommendation from celebrity nutritionist (and one of our favorite experts) Kelly LeVeque.

4. Standard Process Cataplex B (360 Tablets)

"My mom actually takes an amazing supplement that has totally changed her nails. They used to be really dry and brittle with ridges, and I noticed how smooth they were after she had been using it for a couple of weeks. Of course, then she ran out and her nails came back even rougher than before! It was a remarkable difference." — Drew Elovitz, director of content strategy

5. Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

"I wrote about my love of Hum's Hair Sweet Hair gummies a few months ago, and they still work wonders for me. My hair feels stronger and thicker, and it grows a lot faster. Plus, they're not a chore to take since they're gummies that taste almost like candy." — Sarah Yang, managing editor, THE/THIRTY

6. Nobi Nutrition High Absorption Magnesium Complex

"Magnesium is a magical vitamin. It's great for so many things, especially for aiding in digestion, helping you relax and fall asleep, and even easing the recovery of sore muscles. I bought this version on Amazon because it's the highest-rated, and I take it on a full stomach after dinner for maximum benefits. I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone!"  LaPlaca

7. Designs for Health Magnesium Buffered Chelate

"Erica Chidi Cohen from Loom suggested this for helping with headaches when I was pregnant, and I just kept going with it." — Kerr

8. Goop Nerd Alert

"The blend of nootropics and caffeine gives you a little boost when you need a pick-me-up, and they're easier to carry around than a cup of coffee! (I always keep a couple in my purse, just in case.)" — Michelle Plantan, executive director of creative strategy

9. The Beauty Chef Gut Primer

"Ever heard of leaky gut? Probably not, but you should know about it. It's a gut-health issue that doctors predict to be quietly plaguing most of us. With ingredients like L-glutamine, licorice root, peppermint, and turmeric, this blend soothes and repairs the gut and helps relieve digestion issues and discomfort. Plus, it just tastes really good." — LaPlaca

10. The Nue Co. Debloat Food + Prebiotic

"I also love The Nue Co.'s De-Bloat supplement. I take it at night, and I feel lighter and notice a big difference with the bloat in my lower belly. I also take it with me whenever I travel and notice a big difference with the bloat when I'm off my normal eating schedule."  Flowers

11. Winged 10 mg CBD Gummies, Sleepy

"Disclaimer: I don't have a big issue falling asleep at night, so I tested out these CBD gummies just for fun, and, well, now I'm hooked. First of all, they taste way too good to be true. I've definitely had to stop myself from consuming more than the one-to-two recommended dosage. Secondly, there's no feeling of hitting a wall or being knocked out. Instead, the calming 5-HTP and tiny amount of melatonin make it easier to just lightly drift off to sleep."  LaPlaca

12. NatureWise Vitamin D3

"I also take vitamin D because I'm slightly deficient in this department, like all adult women I know." — Kerr

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13. Hum Nutrition Mighty Night

"Another Hum product I started taking a month ago and love is Mighty Night. It has ceramides, which are supposed to hydrate your skin overnight. After a week of taking them, my hands started feeling a lot softer. And now, a month in, my whole body feels a lot smoother, and I think it's helped me cope with dry winter weather. I've added it to my nighttime skincare routine, so I just take two capsules after I wash and moisturize my face." — Yang