These Are the Best Tampons for a Heavy Flow

7 Best Tampons for a Heavy Flow


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Getting your period is annoying enough—what with cramps, bloating, breakouts, and just general aches all over. The last thing you want to worry about is having to change your tampon too often due to a heavy flow and constantly checking if there's leakage. That's why there are some tampons out there that can help with heavy flow so you can go about your day without too many cares.

Take a look at the options below. And if you're experiencing bleeding that's heavier than normal, you might want to visit your gynecologist to check if it could be a sign of something more serious.

Tampax Pearl tampons are my personal go-to because they're so easy to insert and are compact so I can fit one in the smallest clutch. The super plus options provide protection for eight hours. There's also a "LeakGuard Braid" built in that can help stop leaks (good news for your favorite pair of undies!).

Cora's tampons are on our list of the best organic ones. Reviewers report of no leaks and easy application, so that's a plus in our book for these super plus versions. They're made of 100% certified organic cotton and are pesticide-free, bleach-free, fragrance-free, toxin-free, and rayon-free.

Playtex Sports tampons are great for active lifestyles, so even if you're experiencing a heavy flow day, you can lean on the super or super plus options to provide comfort and protection throughout the day, whether you're running a marathon or swimming at the beach. Inside, there's a triple layer of protection and Flexfit technology that moves along with you.

O.B.'s tampons don't have applicators so you'll be minimizing waste, but they do take some time to get used to insertion-wise if you've never used a digital tampon before. These have ultra absorbency, and many reviewers write that they don't have to change their tampons as often and experience no leaks.

Reviewers say these super tampons from The Honest Company have minimal to no leakage and are comfortable and don't cause irritation. These have a bio-based plastic applicator and are made of super-absorbent, breathable organic cotton.

Another on our list of best organic tampons, L.'s tampons are breathable, hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free. One reviewer with a heavy flow said she noticed a decrease in her flow and no cramps after using these tampons.

U by Kotex Sleek tampons have applicators that are 10% slimmer than other brands, which makes for easy insertion. These super-absorbency options provide eight hours of protection (there's also a Super Plus version, too).

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