According to Dietitians, These Are the Best Kinds of Teas for Weight Loss

When I was a little girl, my mom and I would sit on our living room couch and talk about life over tea. It's still something we do to this very day. Not only does tea bring me fond memories, it gives me a little bit of calm when I need it. After an anxiety-inducing day or to start my mornings off right, I always heat up my kettle. Something about freshly brewed tea restores me and brings me comfort. What I didn't know is that this warm cup of comfort is simultaneously shedding fat cells, too. 

According to a new study in the European Journal of Nutrition, both black and green tea are active in aiding weight loss. The University of California researchers found that decaffeinated green and black tea have a positive impact on decreasing the bacteria in our gut, which is closely tied to obesity. These teas target the good bacteria in our bodies that create lean body mass—aka they're serious fat burners. 

If it's still hard for you to believe in this easy approach to shedding pounds, we reached out to three registered nutritionists we trust to prove it. Read on for the best teas for weight loss and get your kettle ready in the meantime. 


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