This $25 Vegan Yogurt Is Worth It for One Reason

Just a few months ago, another plant-based friend and I were in the middle of an unofficial game of (faux) chicken: Who would be the first to cave and buy The Coconut Cult's vegan yogurt? We both follow our fair share of wellness influencers on Instagram, and after suddenly seeing this coconut-based yogurt all over our feeds, we were curious. The one caveat: A single 16-ounce jar costs a cool $25. On principle, it seemed too steep to even give it a try. (Plus, both of us worried aloud that it might be so good that buying a single jar could give way to a very expensive yogurt addiction.)

This particular story ends with me ruining the standoff for the both of us—and justifying the cost in more ways than one. After seeing one of the aforementioned influencers (Bleubird's James Kicinski-McCoy, to be specific) reveal how she re-fermented the remains of her Coconut Cult to create a second batch of yogurt on her Instagram stories, I immediately went out to my local health food store and purchased a jar. It seemed like a win-win—not only would I finally be able to see what all the fuss is about, but I'd also get to graduate from DIY kombucha to the next level of homegrown probiotics. (Have I been living in L.A. for too long?)

It's pretty telling that several weeks later, The Coconut Cult is now part of my daily routine—and my friend is hooked too.